Business Services

Lightweight IT for your small business

Standard Services

  • Computer Repair $80

    General troubleshooting of error messages, crashes, performance, etc.

  • Computer Training $50/hr

    We'll walk you through using a piece of software or common computing tasks. Give us a shout and see how we can help!

  • Computer Virus Removal $120

    Removal of viruses, spyware, and other malware. Sometimes we'll recommend just starting fresh - see below.

  • Operating System Reinstall $100

    Give your computer a fresh start and have your documents transferred.

  • Printer Setup $50

    Setup of your new printer on your network, and installed on all capable devices.

  • Wireless Network Install $65

    Installation of one new router and setup on all your devices.

Tailored Services

Process Automation

Disjointed, manual processes slowing your teams down? We'll help leverage IT resources to create a smoother experience for your staff and customers.

User Training

Rolling out new systems, but onboarding your employees promises to be the more daunting challenge? We'll help users understand how to make the most of new systems and communicate feedback to developers. We'll work with anything, but we have specific experience with Planning Center and many Free Software packages.

Online Presence

Still using your for business purposes? We'll set you up with a professional domain and email, phone, and other business systems.